Popular Holiday Destinations

We all love to go on a holiday. Holidays are great and an enjoyable time. Some people want to go somewhere and do many activities, some want to explore and some want to relax. There are many countries to visit and picking one can be difficult. Some countries are more expensive than others and some have less interesting things to do and see. Due to people traveling often there are a few countries that are preferred by many. These countries are popular tourist destination and visited by millions very year. Here’s a list of popular holiday destinations.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a very popular holiday destination. It is an island province if Indonesia. Bali has a rich culture and traditions making it a very attractive destination. There are many ancient sites and temples in Bali that have a unique architecture and it has been named as one of the best holiday destination regularly. Further Bali’s beaches are among the most popular in the world. It estimated most tourist spend more than 1000 dollars in Bali. Bali is a region with mostly Hindus therefore there are many ceremonies. There are many hotels and homestays you can stay and rent for cheap storage space in Singapore and sleeping purposes as you will be exploring the city.

London, England

London is another popular tourist destination. It is leading global city and is a leading financial center. There are many institutes and financial centers ranging from high end fashion retailers to storage space. London is also the most visited city in the world with around 65 million visitors annually. London is considered a cultural capital due to the large multi-cultural and diverse population. There are many popular tourist attractions such as the British Museum, The National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Tower of London and Southbank Centre to name a few. It is also a popular destination for shoppers as there are many fashion chains in London.

Paris, France

Paris is the capital of France. Paris is one of the major centers for fashion, commerce, science and arts. It is the second largest metropolitan area after London in the European Union. Among the many attractions the Louvre Museum is the most visited in the world. Paris gets around 20 to 30 million tourists per year. Another popular symbol and attraction of Paris is the Eifel tower which was completed in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel and is one of the most recognized structures in the world. Paris is a city that tourists stay for many days due to the number of attractions it offers.