The Importance Of Knowing English As A Universal Language

Although English may not be the language that is spoken by majority of the world, it is undoubtedly the most common medium that many use to communicate with each other, especially when they are in foreign lands. Therefore, having sufficient knowledge on this language will become an added benefit in your life. In most countries English is taught at very young ages, while in some it is not taught until higher education is to be received by an individual. Learning this will only become effective only if you realize the gravity of importance of this language; therefore, below are some reasons as to why you should learn it. 

As a medium of understanding 

What if you decide to fly away to that country of your dreams? Have you ever thought how you will be communicating with complete strangers passing you by in the streets? While it is useful if you receive some basic knowledge on the widely used language in that country, it will also be helpful if you are quire fluent in English so that you can get your work done smoothly. Finding roads, locations and restaurants will be much simpler if you are able to communicate with the locals. 

Internet usage 

Technology is now always one step ahead of us. Therefore, we see people constantly logging into the internet to get their work and even to shop. One common factor about the internet is that most international websites are functioning in English language. Without sufficient knowledge on this area, it will be quite difficult to engage in web activities. This is why, even at tender ages you can get your child to learn this language through early learning centre in Hong Kong and ensure that they are prepared to face the ever changing world when they become adults.

Higher education 

In most countries, children receiving their preschool education start learning English as a universal language in order to make their futures more convenient. However, there are some countries that o not engage in this practise and therefore, some students face major difficulties once they decide to fly to a foreign land to pursue their higher education. In order to avoid this, students are requested to take IELTS, TOEFL etc. and prove their fluency. 


Whenever you step out of the country, there is need of understanding the other person’s culture in their perspective at english playgroup How better to do that if you cannot interact with them through words? Therefore, keep in mind that the English language is must know universal language which will be your friend in any country.