Utilizing The Space Under Your Stairs

Stairs come in various sizes. Regardless if it is big or small, stairs take up a lot of space. And most of the time, that space becomes an area of wasted space. As time goes by it is normal for homes to be running out of storage space. We keep looking for alternatives in order to fulfill this need for space. People go ahead and purchase cupboard to store away all needed items and eventually placing and storing the purchased cupboard becomes a hassle.

Some people give out, donate or put up garage sales as a means of getting rid of or disposing all items that are not needed or not in use. Those are few ways of getting rid of items and a form a de-cluttering. But what happen when you have given away all what you don’t need, but still find yourself cramped with more and more stuff? Especially, craft supplies need extra craft furniture storage space. Hence, for your convenience we give you a great option of taking the maximum use of the wasted space under your stairway.

Use it as a library or book caseBook lovers will jump at this “DO IT YOURSELF” option anytime. For a person who loves to read and is a collector of books, you know how much valuable those books will be to you. Precious enough to keep them and not give it away or sell it away. If you find home, with books in every nook and corner you can possibly find, this option is most suitable for you. All you need is to place shelves, or cube storage cupboards and align them under your stairway by the wall. Place all your books according to your liking. Now you have a compact place to store books as a book shelf, place your favorite reading chair next to it and you’ve got yourself a cozy place to curl up and read a good book. Furthermore, if you’re a big time crafty person, who gets involved in DIY projects and you tend hoard many craft supplies, you could use this space as craft furniture storage area, check this cheap folding tables for sale.

Hide away closet for clothes and fabrics. If you have a moderate size of a stairway this technique will come in handy for you. Running out of closet space to keep your clothes or simply can’t find any space to keep your sheer and luscious fabrics, then this is most suitable for you. If you have excellent carpentry skills put them into work and you can build yourself a neat closet right under your stairway. It would be so discreet that anyone will notice it as a wall and not a place where you store your clothes and other fabrics.